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American Kestrel Painting – Male and Female

by Bryce W. Robinson


I’ve painted the American Kestrel multiple times, and each is an improvement. But, all I see are the mistakes here. I struggle with being overly critical with myself, but I try to remember that the process and the growth are most important in my work. I learn a lot from each painting, about the birds structure, etc., but also about the process of painting. As I struggle with focusing on my faults, I’m working to stay focused on my growth, while recognizing the mistakes constructively. Hell, this exercise probably translates to everything in life, not just painting birds.

I’m going to make limited prints of this American Kestrel pair, so if you’re a kestrel lover click on the image and purchase a print.


Just Published in Avian Conservation and Ecology: Nest Box Use During the Non-breeding Season

by Bryce W. Robinson



Caitlin just published an excellent paper detailing nest box use in the non-breeding season in Idaho.

This publication is an important contribution because it discusses patterns in nest box use during a period that has received little attention. Additionally, because nest box programs are engineered to supplement natural cavities to saturate an area with nesting habitat geared to benefit species, a full understanding of its impacts throughout the yearly cycle is important. This paper not only reports how nest boxes are used in the non-breeding season, but illustrates some possible negative impacts as well. Such impacts are primarily associated with the variable thermodynamic nature of nest boxes relative to natural cavities, resulting in deaths at temperature extremes.

The paper also details some inter and intraspecific interactions in nest boxes, and patterns of use in other cavity roosting species such as the Northern Flicker and European Starling. With this discussion comes supplementary video of some such encounters, and excellent inclusion to add further context.