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Falcon Row

by Bryce W. Robinson

Image copyright Caitlin M. Davis

Image copyright Caitlin M. Davis

Caitlin Davis is in eastern Nevada again this fall, trapping migrating raptors at the Goshutes Raptor Migration Site for HawkWatch International. She’s been sending me more of her incredible raptor portraits. I felt compelled to share a composite she put together of this years birds.

The migration is in full swing and they have been catching great birds. Already the Goshutes crew has caught multiple individuals of four of North America’s falcon species: the American Kestrel, the Prairie Falcon, the Peregrine Falcon, and a few early Merlin. Perhaps this year they will get a fifth, the large emblematic falcon of the far north, the Gyrfalcon. I’d love to see that bird in Caitlin Davis portrait style.


Portrait of a Female Prairie Merlin- Falco columbarius richardsoni

by Caitlin M. Davis

Portrait of a Prairie Merlin- Framed 8x10 Giclee Print

Merlins are one of my absolute favorite birds, and all three subspecies are equally incredible.  Sometimes I’ve only witnessed them as bolts of light, jetting past with an audible whooosh of beating wings.  Close encounters with these fierce little falcons are always the best!

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