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Singing American Tree Sparrow

by Bryce W. Robinson

I’ve made it a goal to get footage of as many singing birds in western Alaska as possible. I made out one morning in early May to film what was around. Not many birds are in Alaska in early May, but tree sparrows are the early birds in preparing for the breeding season, busy setting up territories. This bird was tirelessly singing, chasing away intruders, and conducting himself in the way any sparrow should in order to be a successful breeder. I took advantage of his focus and took this recording using my Zeiss Diascope.


The Christmas Bird 2013: American Tree Sparrow- Spizella arborea

by Bryce W. Robinson


Every year I illustrate a bird for the holiday season. This year, I’m a bit early, but only because I wanted to open the Christmas Bird for purchase as a print. You can visit the ornithologiart store, and purchase a print. Available are 4×6″ for $8.00, 5×7″ for $12.00, and 5×7″ matted for $15.00. Click the photo to purchase, or simply follow the link: ornithologiart.

The American Tree Sparrow is a breeder of the high north Taiga lands. It migrates to the lower parts of North America during winter, and is a favorite feeder bird of many. I chose the American Tree Sparrow because I feel it captures the spirit of the season, and is emblematic of the winter solstice. This is a great holiday gift for any birder.

From both Caitlin and I, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Solstice. However you choose to celebrate the season, we hope you have a great time with family, friends, and of course, birds.