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Short-eared Owl at Dusk

by Bryce W. Robinson

I’ve wanted to share this video for some time, but I simply haven’t.

Last winter while conducting Golden Eagle surveys for HawkWatch International across the western half of the state of Utah, I came upon my first Short-eared Owl for the season. It was a tolerant bird, letting me film it for some time. I was happy to capture its nervous movements, as it scanned about for threats and prey. This was the start of a winter full of Short-eared Owls and a memorable season in the open lands of the Great Basin.

Folks don’t often see owls, even those that bird regularly. For those that haven’t seen an owl for some time, or even ever, let your eyes fall on this bird until you find another.

Juvenile Rough-legged Hawk- Buteo lagopus

by Bryce W. Robinson

IMG_3005I haven’t been taking photos of raptors lately. I think I need to devote my next free day to hitting the open western road, solely in search of raptors.

I took this photo last winter at Farmington Bay, in Utah. I miss that place. Idaho has good raptors, but nothing compares to the close looks that you obtain at Farmington Bay.


Red-tailed Hawk- Buteo jamaicensis Consuming Prey

by Bryce W. Robinson


I took this video the other day. At the beginning, you can see the bird reject the intestines of the rodent. Everything else is consumed. It is a bit long, but worth a watch. The hawk gets very animated towards the end. It is quite the treat to view, as a great deal of detail is visible.

I wonder about this bird. In the winter, it is difficult to distinguish visitors from residents. This is a unique looking bird. White on the lores, crown, and supercilium is not common amongst Utah’s western Red-tailed Hawks. Perhaps this is a bird from the north country. One cannot be sure, but it is fun to wonder.