The Gyrfalcon, the largest falcon in the world, inhabits the vastness of the Arctic. As such, it is the Polar Bear of the bird world, truly an iconic symbol of the frozen north. With the encroaching threats and implications of a changing climate, the circumpolar region and its inhabitants are facing the challenges of an increasingly disrupted system. As a top predator in this sensitive system, the Gyrfalcon, along with the Polar Bear, will be the first to face a need to adapt quickly, or fall victim to this rapid change and cease to exist.

To properly predict and prepare for the impacts that our changing climate will have on the Gyrfalcon, The Peregrine Fund has started a program to study particular aspects of Gyrfalcon biology, and form a conservation program.

Ornithologi creator Bryce W. Robinson is part of The Peregrine Fund team, charged with developing a long term project to monitor Gyrfalcon populations, and understand how our rapidly changing world is affecting this iconic bird.

The help of the public is invaluable. Please consider contributing to the efforts of The Peregrine Fund, and be part of a conservation effort aimed at ensuring the future of the Polar Bear of the birds, the Gyrfalcon. Doing so will not only help in the effort to understand and ensure the future of an arctic animal, but will inevitably help in understanding climate change and its real time implications on the earth as a whole, and in turn, on ourselves.

You can become part of this effort by visiting The Peregrine Fund website, and clicking on the DONATE NOW button on the top right of the page. The Peregrine Fund is a registered non-profit 501-C3, so all donations are tax deductible. In the comments section of the donation form, please specify that you wish your gift to contribute to the Gyrfalcon Project.

Along with his research, Bryce W. Robinson has begun a campaign to illustrate and capture the Gyrfalcon in its emblematic form. All illustrations will be featured on the blog and below, and will be available as originals, along with prints. 50% of proceeds from all sales will be donated to The Peregrine Fund to support Bryce’s research.

Your action will help, no matter how small, in empowering the research and understanding of our rapidly changing world, and how it might affect one of Earth’s most incredible creatures.

Available prints are listed below. For originals, please contact Bryce W. Robinson at

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Juvenile White Gyrfalcon. 8X10″ Giclee print. $26.99. **ORIGINAL AVAILABLE**