The Short-eared Owl- Asio Flammeus

by Bryce W. Robinson

Short-eared Owl- Asio flammeus. 14x18" acrylic on stretched canvas. $300

Perhaps the reason I am so enthralled with the Short-eared Owl is that it gives the birder a glimpse into the world of the owls otherwise cloaked under the darkness of night. Aesthetically, to say this species is striking fails to describe the image that the bird holds. Asio flammeus adequately conveys the fierce image that owls are known for. This bird has character, with its dark encircled eyes and piercing yellow gaze. When found in farmlands atop fence posts surveying the fields for prey, take the time to observe the bird, for its actions are sure to awe, impress, and tickle the onlooker. One photographer, of which I am a big fan, has taken many Short-eared pictures. Among these are the best photographs of the Short-eared Owl I have ever lain eyes upon. The man’s name is Ron Dudley, and you can check out his blog here, or simply look for the Feathered Photography link on my blog roll at the bottom of the page. After painting this bird, I have resolved to find and photograph this active diurnal owl. Till then enjoy the image I have created, and make an effort to get to know this incredible creature.