A New Medium and the American Kestrel

by Bryce W. Robinson

Male American Kestrel- Falco sparverius. Colored pencil on bristol.

Yesterday I decided to get adventurous and branch out to a medium both unfamiliar and intimidating to me. I bought a set of colored pencils, and chose to make my first pencil attempt at an untouched subject, the American Kestrel. Although common, the American Kestrel is one of my favorite birds. They are extremely adept hunters, and taking time to watch them as they search for prey is certain to be an enjoyable show. The males are brightly colored, begging the question how such a brightly colored hunter is as successful as these birds are. Truly, the bright plumage is a wonder. These queries intrigue me to no end. I would love to know if anyone has ever looked into the possibilities of why and how the kestrel’s developed the plumage they have. As for now, it remains a mystery to me.

I love the new pencils. I am going to take some time away from painting to get to know the new medium. They are much more laid back to use. I look forward to learning more about how to use the pencils, and figuring out some tricks that will help me prod