Beatnik Birding: Finding Ardeids; the Tricolored Heron

by Bryce W. Robinson

IMG_8649 copyAs a child, I poured over bird books, spending a substantial amount of time looking at the worlds herons. When looking through North America’s herons, I began developing favorites of the birds I dreamed to see. The Tricolored Heron was very near the top of the list. The bird has an aesthetic seemingly otherworldly. The colors and textures dazzle the eye. I was fascinated by illustrations and photos of this bird as a child.

Finally I have seen this bird, in its element, conducting its business, in all its glory. Every Tricolored Heron I have encountered since my first a few weeks back has afforded me first hand looks at characteristics that enlighten my understanding of this bird and the family to which it belongs. My time with this bird has been insightful and delightful. It conducts its business in its own style, with movements and techniques all its own. These techniques and behaviors are subject of a discussion which is to come. Oh the Ardeids; For whatever the reason, I find myself enraptured in their world.