Dunlin- Calidris alpina

by Bryce W. Robinson

IMG_3794 copyI’ve been on the Arctic Tundra now for a few weeks, and I’m loving it. The birds are everywhere, and they are all new to me. Everything is my favorite, everything is the most interesting, and everything excites me more than the next. To say that I’m immersed in learning is an understatement. My experiences in the past few weeks have been invaluable.

The above photo features a female Dunlin, returning to her nest. I’ve found two Dunlin nests thus far. They are in fact my favorite.

In the next few weeks everything will be hatching. The tundra will be crawling with fuzzy precocial birds, and I will be there to soak it all in. I’ll try to share along the way, but the nesting season is keeping me very busy, and very tired. In the end, I’ll have a lot to share. Photos, video, illustrations, and stories. Till then, happy birding.