Using Nest Cameras to Monitor Gyrfalcon Diet

by Bryce W. Robinson

Gyrfalcon Nest with Camera

While I’ve been sharing images and stories from Alaska concerning my work with Gyrfalcons, I’ve neglected to share any aspect of the work that has brought me here. I chose the image above to provide insight into the idea behind The Gyrfalcon Project. In the past month, Neil Paprocki and I have installed 6 motion sensor cameras in Gyrfalcon nests to monitor their diet during the nestling period. This information will give us a better idea of how changes in the system will impact the ability of these birds to reproduce. 6 cameras is a good start for the project, but I am capable of outfitting four more nests with cameras this season. The issue is access, and at the moment I’m scrambling to formulate a plan to put out the final four and round out the season with ten total cameras gathering valuable data of nesting Gyrfalcons. I’ll keep interested readers updated regarding our success. Please feel free to comment about questions, ideas, concerns, or general queries. I’ll do my best to respond when I’m able.  And the Gyrfalcon beat goes on!