Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B – Towards Reconciliation of the four world bird lists: hotspots of disagreement in taxonomy of raptors

by Bryce W. Robinson

I was privileged to join a study, led by Chris McClure at The Peregrine Fund, published today Proceedings of the Royal Society B, that compares taxonomic concepts between the four world bird lists. Essentially, the purpose of our paper is to highlight disagreements between these lists so that researchers can pinpoint areas in need of study, and more clearly understand where taxonomic disagreements might impact conservation initiatives.

As you can see in the figure above, I contributed illustrations to the publication, including the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) currently listed for sale to benefit the development of the Peregrine Fund’s Global Raptor Impact Network. The other illustrations included here are also a part of the GRIN project, and will be available for purchase soon.