An Update on the Lifestyle of a Beatnik Birder

by Bryce W. Robinson

Female Flammulated Owl- Otus Flammeolus

Since my last update from the road, I have had many experiences with birds, but little time or energy to report them. I’d like to quickly share some photos from the work I have been involved with in the last few weeks. My road trip ended sooner than expected with some car troubles, putting me in Salt Lake City a bit early, but ready for some work in the mountains.

I still continue my beatnik lifestyle, riding the rhythms of the road and sleeping where I end up. This is the summer of camping and couches. The lifestyle is a bit odd, and makes it difficult to focus on writing and my art. I haven’t touch any artwork since I left California, and I am a bit unsettled by the fact.

Still, the work with the Flammulated Owls has been rewarding. I want to share a number of photos and talk about their life history and the work I am involved in, but I simply have neither the time nor the energy at the moment. Instead, I will share some fun photos, and bid farewell till a later date when the work dies down and I stop moving about so often.

Female Saw-whet Owl- Aegolius acadicus

Brand new Flammulated Owl nestlings