Murmuration of the European Starling

by Bryce W. Robinson

I took this video the other day in western Utah. This flock of European Starlings- Sturnus vulgaris, termed a murmuration, never quit moving as they travelled around the alfalfa field. As I passed the scene, I thought that I should document their movements. Of course many have seen the recent viral video of thousands of starlings moving through the sky in unison. My flock is less remarkable, but still extraordinary.

I am so fascinated with the flocking of birds such as these. Little is known of how these birds move as one organism, and what cues drive the direction and cohesiveness of the flock. I found an article that attempts to explain some facets of the phenomenon. You can read it here. It is rather interesting.

I plan to watch every murmuration I come upon for the rest of my life, and contemplate the questions raised from such a striking phenomenon.