The White Owl of the North

by Bryce W. Robinson

Snowy Owl- Bubo scandiaca. 9x12" prismacolor on bristol.

Snowy Owl- Bubo scandiaca. 9×12″ prismacolor on bristol.

Sometimes the internet, or electronics, take so much away from life. I wanted to write in depth about my experience of seeing my very first glimpse of a Snowy Owl last week. I powered out a long story about the experience. When I went to post the story, the page reset and I lost everything. For whatever reason the regular save as you go feature was not working. Oh the misfortune, but life goes on.

So now I have neither the time nor the energy to write about that day. I just wanted to share an illustration I did of the bird. It was too far for any photographs, so I decided to capture and celebrate the experience by illustrating the white owl. I have found that illustration is always an appropriate way to pay homage to new experiences. This way, all I need to do is look at this image, and memories will flood into my mind of the evening that I first saw the white owl of the north.