American Golden-Plover- Pluvialis dominica

by Bryce W. Robinson

IMG_5677Lately I’ve discussed a problem I have with birds being too close to photograph. This plover has a nest I’ve been monitoring, and each time I visit, the bird does its best to draw attention to itself, and away from the nest. I’ve used this behavior to my advantage for photography, but so often the bird comes too close for the composition I like. My friend Ron, and exceptional photographer, commented on his own experiences, saying that he often embraces this closeness, capturing a headshot. I wanted to share this photo, because I too embraced the birds behaviors, and the result pleases me.

I turned the camera to capture the legs, and hopefully the whole body, but ended up clipping out the back end of the bird. Still, I really like the photograph.

Today, different bird was on the nest. The new bird appeared to be the female. Sadly, close by, the remains of the bird in the above photograph were found. Perhaps, in the line of duty, this bird lost its life distracting a predator from the nest. A sad instance in the life of the American Golden-Plover.