Revisiting Past Works, for Revision!

by Bryce W. Robinson

Peregrine Falcon- Falco peregrinus. 11x18" prismacolor on bristol

Peregrine Falcon- Falco peregrinus. 11×18″ prismacolor on bristol

I was unpacking some things this evening at my new place in Boise, Idaho. I pulled out some older pieces of artwork that never found a home. When I found the Peregrine Falcon I had drawn a few years ago in the southern California desert, I immediately remembered what I did not like about the image. I immediately felt the urge to sit down and fix some things. I’m not sure if I have ever shared the image on my blog, but regardless, I thought I’d share the revision.

I’m currently working on a very in depth project for someone. Its rather taxing, and I haven’t strayed to work on anything else since I started. I will say that I’ve needed to. At times, getting a break and working on something else for a bit can be refreshing, and give you a different perspective. I believe it is ultimately beneficial.

Anyway, after two years of sitting in a box, I finally felt the gumption to resolve my issues with this illustration. And I like it. Let’s hope this bird can find a home…