Happy Holidays to Hawk Watchers

by Bryce W. Robinson


Immature Red-tailed Hawk

I’d like to wish all hawk watchers, especially  those that I’ve watched with over the past few years, a happy holidays. These people are one of a kind. Hawk watching seems to bring together the best. So Happy Holidays to all, and a big thanks for all these folks have taught me: To name a few, Steve Seibel, Frank Mayer, Josh Stagner, Aron Smolley, Mike Shaw, Teague Scott, Eric Ripma, Caitlin Davis, and of course Jerry Liguori.

Jerry is THE hawk watcher. I haven’t met anyone as competent in the field as he is. He has taught me so much about watching raptors, and birds for that matter. In fact, he has taught me more about hawks and birds than anyone, and continues to do so. He’s also taught me how to photograph birds, and without his guidance, I wouldn’t know a damn thing, or have any good photos like the young Red-tailed Hawk above. So, thanks Jerry, and thanks to everyone. I hope the wintering birds are keeping you all occupied. Again, Happy Holidays to the hawk watchers.