Wild Boise: The Belted Kingfisher

by Bryce W. Robinson


Male Belted Kingfisher- Megaceryle alcyon

When I first arrived in Boise, I was impressed by the wild corridor that runs through the middle of the busy western city. Since then, I’ve taken the time to familiarize myself with the areas around the city where I now live. For the remainder of my time here, which is undetermined, I’d like to feature the bird life that this wild corridor, the Boise River, supports. I’ll be featuring species in segments titled “Wild Boise”.

The Boise River travels through the busiest parts of Boise, Idaho. The most raucous of the birds that frequent this city stream is the Belted Kingfisher- Megaceryle alcyon, a seemingly ornery critter that is always voicing its opinion.

These birds are always present around the university where I spend most of my time, and as such are accustomed to people. I recognized the opportunity to study them in the beginning of my time here, but I haven’t sat and watched the birds at length. Today, I decided to take some time and attempt to interact with the kingfisher a bit. It was a great way to start the new year. Next, I’ll be grabbing a tripod and filming their antics. It will be a challenge though, as they are quite an active bird, always switching perches, taking new views of the river where they glean their livelihood.

Stay tuned for the next feature for Wild Boise. I’d like to make these segments weekly, but as a graduate student, that might be a challenging schedule. Time will tell, I suppose.