Intermountain Bird Observatory’s Long-billed Curlew Study

by Bryce W. Robinson


I was fortunate to tag along with Jay Carlisle and the IBO crew yesterday afternoon to trap and outfit a female Long-billed Curlew- Numenius americana, with a GPS transmitter. IBO has been tracking Curlews for a little over a year now, with the focus of understanding their movements and why there has been a general population decline.

This is a great project, headed by a great institution. I encourage everyone to take a moment to learn about the effort and consider supporting the work of IBO.

The Long-billed Curlew is an exceptional bird. Let’s do our part to make sure it has a future in the changing west.

LEARN MORE, and CONTRIBUTE! Do so on IBO’s Curlew Homepage  

Long-billed Curlew nest

Long-billed Curlew nest