Happy International Guillemot Appreciation Day (IGAD)

by Bryce W. Robinson

BLGULast year my friend Frank, a great birder, asked me a simple question, “Did you celebrate International Guillemot Appreciation Day this year?” I told hime no, and that I had no idea what he was even talking about. He explained that July 27th, if I remember correctly, has been designated to recognize the Black Guillemot. Sounded great to me.

I researched the history a bit, and it seems there is some confusion of whether or not IGAD is July or June 27th. This year, I’ll be celebrating the existence of Guillemots on July 27th. I’ll get it sorted out next year and celebrate in line with what was originally designated as the day to recognize the small Alcids.

This year I illustrated the above Black Guillemot. I haven’t been illustrating much this summer on account of my focus on Gyrfalcon field work, but I made it a priority to put this image together in honor of the birds. I also plan to head to my favorite sea watch spot and watch for an hour or so. I should turn up a few Pigeon Guillemots, and who knows, perhaps a Black or two. The bird would be notable here in Western Alaska in summer, but with birding you never know!

Appreciate a Guillemot today. They sure are class act creatures!